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What seating configurations are available for the Pickup?




    You have to have a full rear seat model (true 4 door). All the wasted space at the dash is questionable, move the dash display toward driver, so you could at least throw your coats up there.  Very cool and good luck!

  • Clint Gould

    Is it true the pickup will only be available on a subscription basis and not purchase? I thought I heard a Canoo representative say that on an episode of Jay Leno's Garage.

  • Erol Taskin

    Would love a bench seat pickup config with safety belts for three pax. Did I hear correctly that is in the development stage? One of the videos did suggest it. Reason being I have wife and 7 year old kid. Unless there are jump seats behind there would be comfortable enuf for an eight hour ride to Fla Keys for crabbin season. TY

  • Bill Nagle

    I agree with all the points in Comments: Robert Martin.  I have only purchased 4-door pickup trucks for the last 20 years.  Many families are a 2-vehicle family and both vehicles need the ability to transport your entire family.  Just to put a baby or child seat in the backseat would require a true seat and full sized door to put them in and get them out.  As a child gets older and large enough to sit directly in the seat, it can't be a "jump" seat.  It needs to be a safe, sturdy, true seat.  You can sell a 2-door to some people, you can sell a 4-door to EVERYONE!  Ford just came out with the new small pickup truck - The Maverick.  Although it is not electric, it is only offered in a 4-door version.  There were 100,000 pre-orders, especially due to the low MSRP.  As they took "real" money orders, they had to suspend taking orders for 2022 due to demand at the beginning of March.  I believe you can be in this same situation, with 4-doors, a low target MSRP and customers being able to take advantage of the tax credits (that may go away soon).  Also, that roof rack needs to be optional.  Could save the buyer on cost.  If you can do the 4-door, I'll be your first customer!  I'm buying an electric truck within the next 2 years, but it has to be right.

  • Andy Gravano

    Add me to the list of folks who are very interested in a 4 door/4-5 Seat configuration (ideally with a extended battery option).  I'm looking for a electric vehicle that would allow me to tow, haul, etc while still being able to move my family around.   At this point it feels like the F-150 Lightning is my best bet but would love other options.

  • Gary Van Meter

    I'm retired, so it will only be my girlfriend and I. Tge back seat is a total waste for us and it is really hard to find a 2 door 2 or 3 seat pickup, so this woukd be great for us! But is it true 4wd or just another wimpy AWD truck?


    With a back seat !


  • Gregpapla11

    No 4/5 seats no buy. End of story. No roof rack needed-option. No 250-350 range no buy. No true 4WD no buy. No 10-15” ground clearance no buy.  Let’s get the vehicle right see the stock at $100 a share and control the entire market. 


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